The development of new information and communication technologies has made new and particularly innovative processes arise. In the field of security and management of a home, home automation then made its appearance. Integrating various automated management techniques, it is possible to control, automate and program your home. Among these techniques, there is that of voice control. Here is how it works.

Voice-activated home automation: an innovative operating technology

When we talk about voice control in the context of home automation, it refers to the voice control of a set of devices or systems operating a common network. It is based on automatic speech recognition to provide access to these various systems all around you. More specifically, it is an input interface to a computer system through which orders can be placed using voice messages.

Through a microphone, the user speaks and his voice is automatically recognized by the system using voice recognition software. This analyzes the user’s words and thus defines the command to be executed. Today, home automation technology can be used through a speaker, smartphone, tablet, among other dedicated devices. In the case of a mobile phone, voice control works through a mobile application to be installed or already installed on the device.

Perform various tasks and orders using your voice

The main function of the dedicated home automation voice command is to perform a number of tasks from commands given via the voice. For example, voice-activated home automation allows you to control systems such as the thermostat, speakers, televisions, lights, security, locks and as well as the various devices in your home.

Thanks to recent advances in speech recognition technology, a collection of systems and teams are connected to the smart home network and it can be controlled from a smartphone or any other touchscreen device. Today, voice-activated home automation is no longer just a matter of science fiction. Now more than ever, voice-controlled home automation technology offers many benefits to the user.

Improve the comfort of the person

Home automation technology via voice control has been implemented with the aim of improving the comfort of individuals in their homes. You can regulate the temperature of your home, manage your video surveillance system, close your doors and windows, etc. Thus, it allows its user to gain autonomy and interactivity at home. As residents of a household using home automation and automatic speech recognition, your lifestyle will be significantly changed.

For example, you save more time in carrying out your tasks at home. The technology of voice control applied to home automation makes it possible to perform several tasks at the same time. All your daily routines will then be greatly improved by these devices equipped not only with voice control technology, but also with artificial intelligence. It is naturally that automatic speech recognition integrates with home automation and vice versa.