If you’ve just rented university housing, consider protecting your belongings with student housing insurance! To help you make the best choice, apply these practical tips.

Why get student housing insurance ?

As a student, you may not think your personal belongings are worth much. But you’re wrong! Computers, telephones, bicycles… These objects and devices are not only precious, but can quickly put a dent in your budget if they break down and need repair.

Moreover, your home is not safe from any accident. At any time, you can be the victim of burglary, water damage and other problems. If this happens, having insurance would be ideal! Your insurer will be able to pay you compensation based on the extent of the damage, which will help you avoid some major expenses.

When should you get student housing insurance ?

Ideally, you should subscribe to insurance early in your first trimester. This way, you will be insured from the beginning of your school year and will be able to make the most of your policy throughout the year. However, this does not prevent you from adding additional coverage during the year if needed.

What does student housing insurance cover?

This depends on the insurance company. But generally, the insurance compensates you in case of theft of personal belongings in your accommodation. In other words, you are covered for

  • Your home
  • The owner’s belongings (appliances, furniture if provided) if you rent a furnished space
  • Your valuables (television, cell phone, computer, tablet, furniture, clothing, books, etc.)
  • Loss of rental income following an insured loss
  • The cash
  • Etc

To have good coverage, it is best to discuss with your insurer the guarantees included and excluded in the insurance contract.

How to find the best student housing insurance for you ?

The best insurance is the one that corresponds to your needs as a student and fits your budget. To find it, you can :

  • Use an insurance comparator: there are several sites that offer student home insurance comparisons. You can use these comparison sites to compare the different offers available on the market. To do this, define your profile, describe your accommodation, and indicate your budget for insurance and your needs. In a few minutes, you will be able to consult the different offers proposed and make the right choice.
  • Subscribe to the same insurance as your parents: this is also a good solution. If your parents have chosen a specific insurance, it is not by chance. So, to avoid making the wrong choice, you can follow in your parents’ footsteps. On top of that, there is a good chance that the insurance company in question will offer you a lower rate in order to have you as a new client.
  • Networking: You can also ask someone you know (friends, university classmates, family members, co-workers, etc.) for help. They can point you in the right direction. Yes, using your network can be a good way to find the best solution to find your insurance. So think about it!