The warrior forum is a well-known name in the world of affiliate marketing, providing information for people just starting out, as well as experts in the field.

This forum is, without doubt, one of the most famous around the world, for everything internet marketing and online business development.

Wondering where you can find the warrior forum of affiliate marketing? Read on.

What is warrior forum?

Warrior forum is one of the oldest, and also the biggest online forums that focus on topics related to internet and affiliate marketing. Since its inception, it has accumulated over 1 million active marketers which use the platform in sharing tricks and tips that have worked for them with others.

The warrior forum is owned by, which is also one of the largest online freelancing market spaces in the world. The form has been one existence since 1997 to date and keeps being relevant due to its ever-current discussions by its followers.

How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago
How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago

How is the warrior forum organized?

On opening the home page of Warrior Forum, you would be faced with the latest feed that contains trending topics on internet marketing in general.

You can easily go through this feed to get updated about the latest developments in this ever-changing market. However, you can also choose to filter your feeds by navigating to the top menu and selecting the newest activity.

Warrior Forum also gives you the option of browsing through its extensive list of categories through which you can streamline the feeds to your preference. The available categories include PPC Ads, Social media marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, and more. By selecting the right feed, you can obtain vital information about the latest practices and what works.

All these blocks are essential for learning to build a successful affiliate marketing business, therefore you should do well to go through the most relevant ones.

How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago
How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago

Where can I find warrior forum for affiliate marketing?

Finding the warrior forum feeds for affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is visit their website at, and navigate to the affiliate marketing category. Here, you would find the latest feeds containing trends on affiliate marketing. However, if you want to benefit full time and maybe even purchase a course, you would have to register as a new member.

You would have to renew your membership monthly for a fee, therefore giving you full access to all the content of Warrior Forum information.

How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago
How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago

Tips to keep in mind when using Warrior Forum

As beneficial as the warrior forum is, there are several contents that may be irrelevant to you, instead, they’d only waste your time. Here are some tips to make the best use of time on the site:

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Exercise caution

In the real sense, not all information you see are true and would be useful. Therefore, it’s important that you exercise a dose of skepticism when on the site.

People exaggerate a lot about earnings.

Long-term approach works better

You’d surely find a lot of content on the site and can’t digest it all at once. Instead of trying to grab everything in a day, expand your learn to take a long-term approach by revisiting the site over and over again.

How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago
How to find affiliate marketing on internet and read shortnum with upvotecount ago

Use the search box

The search box is a good filter feature that helps you search for precise keywords and therefore, the feeds related to it.

Create a profitable business over the long term

When you want to open a business to earn money, you must first think about a good strategy. Money won’t come to you twiddling your thumbs. Secondly, we will have to think about the medium on which to invest to do a good business. You can create a blog, it is also an excellent support provided you use the right tools. These should allow you to remunerate yourself while paying the costs related to the hosting of the site and the products that you will present on it. Indeed, you can build a blog dedicated to High-tech, gaming, catering or even hairdressing. Moreover, if you intend to set up this kind of support, do not hesitate to consult the list of the best affiliate marketing forums. The latter allows you to receive commissions for each sale made from your blog.

Moreover, you will have to find a good affiliate platform, one that has the same domains as your blog. This allows you to more easily offer articles, or even good tips to visitors to your blog. Here are some platforms we recommend.

  • StackThatMoney (STM) ;
  • affLift ;
  • AffiliateFix ;
  • Warrior Forum ;
  • CPAHero ;
  • BlackHatWorld ;
  • WikedFire ;
  • DigitalPoint.

Other affiliate marketing platforms exist, some will be free and some will be paid. Do not hesitate to visit them and be accompanied to establish a good strategy to know the best products to promote. As a reminder, whether you want to open a blog on High-Tech or on catering, there is a very high demand. If you are not a copywriter, and you make spelling mistakes, you can consider other strategies such as opening a concierge, selling and installing security alarms, or the sale of farm produce. In short, there are many possibilities for building a good business. You just have to take your time, think of a good strategy and go for it because no one will be able to do the job for you.

In any case, it is courageous, and it is especially important not to give up its objectives. Hundreds of people manage to make a living from affiliation and other professions more or less known. It’s time to take the first step and become, why not, an exceptional platform where your visitors can buy the products they want using your tips. As a reminder, the buyer will pay the price of the classic product, there will be no increase. On your side, you will receive a commission relating (to) the purchase price.

How does affiliate marketing function?

Affiliation marketing remains a potential business lever for those affiliates who are looking for passive online revenue. In addition, an increasing number of companies want to take advantage of this profitable and cost-effective opportunity to increase their business. This technique based on pay-for-performance is indeed advantageous for both the affiliate and the advertiser.

On the advertiser’s side, the affiliation marketing campaign will increase their visibility through the advertising banners. Furthermore, there are no fees for the affiliate until a sale has been made.

As an affiliate, if you are looking for trustworthy platforms, there is no shortage of opportunities on affiliate marketing platforms. To make your search for an affiliate campaign easier, don’t hesitate to choose among the Top Affiliate Programs In 2022 with High Payout. The remuneration is usually a commission or a percentage of the sale made.

For reference, there are 3 basic payment methods used in affiliate programs. Here they are:

  • CPC or Cost per Click: allows the advertiser to increase sales;
  • CPL or Cost per Lead: intended to increase sales;
  • CPA or Cost per Action: enables the advertiser to collect high quality traffics.