CBD oil has a taste that not everyone likes. While some models are marketed with flavors to mask this, it should be noted that the user has no control over the flavor. This is best done through roundabout means such as taking the oil with a drink, adding it to food, or using terpenes. Overview of techniques for adding flavor to CBD oil.

Take the oil with a drink

It is recommended for people who have difficulty familiarizing themselves with the taste of CBD oil to accompany its intake with an acidic drink. This could be, for example, fruit juice. Be sure to take a sip of the drink the moment you put the CBD oil in your mouth.

However, it should be understood that this technique deprives you of the ability to keep the oil under the tongue. Which inexorably deprives you of certain virtues specific to this type of product. So try to keep the oil for a while under your tongue before taking a sip of the drink.

Brush your teeth

This tip may surprise more than one. However, the latter can help you avoid putting up with the taste of cannabidiol. This is because the specific taste of the toothpaste used can replace that of the oil to give you a flavor that is easier to bear.

Brushing your teeth also keeps your mouth from absorbing a lot of oil. Particularly when it is carried out as a preventive measure. However, it is possible to brush immediately after using the oil.

Add the product to a drink

If you find that the first tip is too restrictive, you can go for this one. It consists of simply mixing the oil with a drink. Preferably, you should opt for hot drinks such as coffee or tea.

They mix much more easily with CBD, unlike with cold drinks. Smoothies are the only ones recommended as an accompaniment to CBD oil. Also, remember to drink your hot drink mixed with CBD before they cool down. This is because water-based drinks tend to separate from the oil when they cool.

Consume the liquid with certain foods

Drinks aren’t the only ones that can mask the taste of CBD oil. You can also use certain foods to arrive. Biscuits, crackers, snacks, and even sweets have the potential to absorb CBD oil. Its taste can be masked by the fact that it is served with a salad.

You can also use it to cook your food. For example, you can make brownies or your own cookies with oil

Using terpene-based CBD oil

Cannabis is a plant that naturally has natural flavors that help mask the taste of CBD oil. The best known are the terpenes. These are compounds from cannabis that have very powerful aromas.

Terpenes can be isolated in addition to cannabis products like CBD oil. This is a natural way to change the taste of your CBD oil.