While cats are more difficult to trace, as they tend to hide, dogs are sometimes less cunning and can be seen from a distance. However, dog theft is more common than for cats? Why is this? Some dogs can exceed $2000 without any problems. It is therefore essential to find one’s fur ball, especially as it is easy to become attached to it, especially for children. Nevertheless, there are several methods to find your dog, on the internet, on social networks, search notices, etc. Do not hesitate to search the internet for more informations.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very popular. These make it easy to communicate with a local and international population. In the case of a lost dog, it is a good idea to publish a post on these platforms with a photo of your missing dog, his name, your name and surname and a telephone number so that you can be contacted. Moreover, don’t forget to use hashtags to better identify the searches that are closest to you.

Paper format

This is the most common format for posting a wanted notice in your city. This will alert local residents to the fact that your dog is missing, and they can take the lead when they see your dog. On this paper, try to put as much as possible a very good quality and coloured photo so that people can see the colour of your dog. The name of your dog, your first name and your telephone number should also be clearly written on it.

Sites dedicated to missing animals

Pet organisations or associations dedicated to animals sometimes offer a section specially designed for online search instructions. This tool is very interesting because it is linked with the help of the database with the animal centres, so that even they will be notified of your dog’s disappearance. Again, do not forget to transmit all the information that could help to find your dog as soon as possible.

You need to find your pet as soon as possible, especially as people with bad intentions may use your pet for other purposes. Dogs are members of the family in many homes. They can keep elderly people, couples, families and their children company. The sooner you start looking for your dog, the more likely you are to find it. You have everything you need to find your dog.