The wedding arch is a decorative accessory very popular with newlyweds. It makes you look more gorgeous in the photo than ever, especially during the last kiss in front of the altar. Using fabric to decorate it will also highlight the colors of your wedding. Here are some tips for successfully embellishing your arch with fabric!

Choose an organza fabric for decoration

Organza is a very thin and transparent fabric. It allows you to make any embellishment and can be doubled to be heavier. It is also a fabric that is often used for decorations, during wedding ceremonies.

If your bow is a rounded model, you can wrap the organza all the way. It will bring out the rounded shape you want to give. This decoration is romantic, especially when you have chosen the right color.

For a simple and elegant design, drop the organza onto a square arch using an envelope. This will give you a piece of fluid fabric that is longer than the sides of the arch.

As for double arches, they are used for a particular style. With organza over the two wedding arch frames, you have a little shadow over the hotel. It also gives a good look to the background of your canvas.

Chiffon is a great choice for decorating the arch

Unlike organza, chiffon is thicker and less transparent. Use it as a curtain, combine several colors or create a touch of background.

Chiffon in the form of a curtain

Here, the arch should be placed to give the feeling of a large open window. For a curtain shape, attach two panels of muslin to the top of the frame at the back. You can choose a square or rounded arbor. Each panel is then attached to the sides with a ribbon or any other accessory that matches the theme.

The combination of colors with silk

For a combination, the colors should be chosen according to the theme of the wedding. Twist two colors of muslin going in opposite directions. For example, assemble a dark and lighter muslin with complementary colors.

The basic touch for a shiny altar

With the chiffon, design a shiny altar. To make this happen, drape the muslin behind your archway. You will obtain a fluid fabric that allows light to pass through.

Tulle for your arch

The tulle is in the form of a net, and it is more transparent than the first two fabrics. However, it is very rigid.

On the market, tulle is sold in the form of sequins or in mat form. Because of its rigidity, it is used to give volume to the arch and to achieve rounded arches.

Two patterns are recommended for the tulle:

  • the style draped in the center and flowing along the ribs, with bunches in sections;
  • the style clustered in the center, flowing down the arch and dropped to the side.

The arch of the foot, on the other hand, can be decorated in several ways depending on taste and style. Using fabrics for decoration requires choosing the right fabric and then putting on the right decoration.