The first coinstar terminals were very successful in France. This has encouraged the establishment of thousands of other terminals in France and internationally. Indeed, they allow you to exchange your parts for vouchers. However, coinstar is not limited to these advantages. They offer gift cards to various companies. This article will introduce you to these companies.

The relationship between coinstar and other companies

For more than twenty years, coinstar machines have been praised for their reliability. They save time by quickly counting small currencies. In addition to being fast, the count is done with precision, which attests to the quality of their services. However, coinstar is also motivating other retailers to see the success it has had. Thus, it drives them to make income and increase their profits by adopting a simple way to trade customers.

This money-saving is achieved by setting up self-service currency exchange services in stores. Which will be an asset for the store owner, as studies show that 79% of customers spend half of their money there after the exchange.

In addition, retailers will have no risk to take, as coinstar does not require any upfront investment. The maintenance and repair of machines are also the responsibility of the latter. As a result, it has gained ground in the hearts of customers. Hence, It has become the number one in self-service money counting services.

Companies in partnership with coinstar for the gift cards offered

Coinstar’s benefits don’t stop at helping other businesses. It also offers gift cards that can be used at some companies and restaurants with which it is in partnership. These gift cards have a code printed on them. They are designed in paper form, with the same functionality as plastic.

Among these companies we can cite:

  • AMC: which is one of the largest film companies in the world. It is in the United States.
  • Amazon: this is one of the biggest websites. You can use your gift card there to buy anything you want.
  • Apple: Using the card here gets apps, games, movies, TV shows, and more on all Apple devices.
  • Cabela’s: this company is one of the market leaders in the industry. It provides you with more than 150,000 quality products.
  • This company gives you the opportunity to make reservations at endless places to stay in 200 countries.
  • Nike: it is a company which knew how to concretize the fans of the sport and the style. It takes you into a whole world of shoes, clothing and gear. In addition to this, Nike Gift Cards can be redeemed for merchandise online at

If you have a gift card from one of these companies, you can redeem your code at the store or when shopping online. But, it should be noted that not all electronic gift cards are available at kiosks.