If you’re a fan of the reality show “Teen Mom OG”, you probably know Typer Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell. This emblematic couple of the first edition of the TV show, recently bought a house that has been controversial on social networks.

A historic Michigan home

Typer Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have decided to buy their own home in Michigan. They have set their sights on an octagonal and historic dwelling in this part of the United States. This is a property to renovate which offers a breathtaking view of the outside. The property was built in the sixties by Captain George W. Smith of the Great Lakes.

Moreover, the young mother did not hide her enthusiasm by publishing several posts on social networks testifying to her impatience to occupy the premises. Typer took care of the renovations so that he could comfortably move in with his little family on their farm. The two reality TV stars on MTV therefore no longer live in their old house which was also in Michigan. It’s a new chapter for the family that recently welcomed Baby Vadea.

An old house of horror

While the announcement of the purchase of a new home has pleased fans of the show, the revelations about its former owner are chilling. Indeed, the fabulous octagonal Michigan mansion bought by young parents is nicknamed the House of Horrors. According to the St. Clair County Court, the Baltierra address is the same as that held by a criminal named Daniel Henry Bussler. The latter allegedly committed the crime of having child pornography in his possession and even attempted to commit a crime on January 4, 2013. The revelations about the past of the former owner do not seem to frighten the couple. They regularly post on social media to update them on the progress of their renovation.

An investment of $220,000 on 15 acres

To acquire this superb octagon-shaped farmhouse in Michigan, Typer Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell had to fork out a tidy sum of $220,000. The purchase price was inflated, however, by a fine given to Typer for obtaining a building permit in advance.

Covering an area of ​​15 acres, this home gives them more freedom in relation to the arrangements they want to do with their family. A new bedroom for little Nova was finally possible. They succeeded in transforming this old house from 1869 into a pretty contemporary residence.

In fact, photos of the exterior of the house posted by Typer Baltierra on Instagram show that it was still trendy long before the renovation began. The couple, however, opted for a change of the coating of the facade in blue. Further, finishing work is carried out inside. Those who have been fortunate enough to watch the final seasons of “17 Years and Mum” certainly have been able to follow the progress of the work.