Today, many companies are opting for agile transformation. This new type of management is experiencing a real boom. Its objective being to adopt and integrate innovative work methods, it aims to improve productivity. However, it seems easier to claim it than to succeed. How to make work flexible by an application related to it? Here are some recommendations to help you.

Origin of the concept

It dates from the 1970s when it was revealed by a computer scientist. To have driven it, the American William Royce presents it as an approach that aims to optimize the implementation of a project. This form of administration is based on a team of people working exclusively to achieve the objectives set. This kind of grouping of workers is called a sprint. It may not be unique in the coordination of an organization.

Originally intended for industry, the Agile application is now used in many other sectors. However, it is not yet fully adopted, users having great difficulty in integrating it. This methodology touches on different aspects of managerial, operational, and strategic management. Calling for a cultural change, Agile requires the personal involvement of actors. For an efficient result, it is important that an expert assists the company. In this way, she will follow the recommendations given to her to improve her services. From this point of view, we are talking about the intervention of a sponsor or an influencer upstream.

Getting to know the Argile way

It is a risk to start running Agile without knowing it. As a precaution, it should be possible to integrate it after having mastered it. This requires deep learning because this methodology is different from traditional management. While it is necessary to get staff to take ownership of it, it is also important to make them understand that its success depends 100% on them. They should then understand:

  • the lexicon of Agile,
  • mind or philosophy,
  • the conditions of use.

Interactive, Agile offers the possibility of controlling and correcting risks. However, to arrive at giving the reflex of its efficient use, it must be inculcated by a simple pedagogy. This can be done through team training reinforced by practice and examples. This approach is important because it allows you to master different methodologies. Scrum is one of them, which aims to empower a team to solve a problem.

There is also Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) which is a mix of Waterfall and Agile. For a question of efficiency, it is advisable to choose one of them and then have it gradually adopted by the workers. In general, IT departments are better equipped to understand the principles, it is considerate to introduce this system at their level.

The agile integration process

Departments (accounting, sales, logistics) do not immediately need to be managed using Agile. The reason is that there are a lot of routine operations there than in other compartments. Procurement, marketing, planning are all services where it is most useful.

In practice, managers ensure that risks arise and work to reduce or even eliminate them. This is why it is wise to reduce tasks with low added value to favor those which are likely to facilitate the achievement of the set objectives. To this end, the emphasis must above all be on management activities.