Dating sites today are many and varied. They adapt to everyone and are perfect for all profiles. However, to have a great experience, it’s important to go for the best site. Here are the best dating sites to try.

AdoptA Boy

Created in 2008, the AdopteUnMec dating site is only dedicated to women. In France, it is placed at the top of the applications generating a fairly high turnover. This is due to its subscription offers. With a very modern interface, AdopteUnMec allows women to choose men. Its main objective is to attract more women, especially those less represented on dating sites. On the other hand, this site is particularly aimed at people who want to have a serious relationship. It is free for women, but chargeable for men, ie 29 euros to 119 euros depending on the option chosen.


Tinder has already seduced several thousand singles around the world. As the average age is 28, this site is aimed at young men and women. Created in 2012, its concept is very simple. All you have to do is register by inserting a recent photo. Then, the site offers you profiles according to your requirements. All you have to do is select the most interesting profile. Tinder is free but does offer paid options that allow for enjoyable experiences.


With more than 6 million users, Happn is present in several countries. Created in 2014, Happn is a French application based on geolocation. Indeed, the principle of this site is to show on the account of these users, the profiles of all the people connected and met in the street, at the bakery or in a bar. As a result, it gives the most timid the opportunity to rediscover their great love on the Internet. Apart from that, Happn allows you to get to know these people better by highlighting the places frequented by them. It is free but also allows you to pay for options such as the ability to hide geolocation.


Created by Whitney Wolfe co-founder of Tinder in 2014, Bumble is a feminist version of Tinder. Thus, it is based on the same principle as the “AdopteUnMec” site, ie, only women are able to initiate discussions. In addition, Bumble particularly touches a hip population that stands out by showing only its personality. Its main objective is to limit the many matches that do not result in any conversation. For this, after 24 hours, the connection disappears if no conversation is started. Free, it offers paid options including Rayon Bumble at 8.99 euros.


Aimed at strategists, Once is nicknamed “Kinder surprise” by its founder Jean Meyer. Every day, Once sends these users their match of the day selected according to the profiles. Then, they have 24 hours to converse and get to know each other. Therefore, it is perfect for all people wishing to have a serious relationship. However, with this principle, the risk of having profiles that you do not like is high. In addition, Once is completely free and has no paid version.

Apart from these sites, there are still other well-known sites such as Badoo or eDarling.