Accounting is the key to the well-being of a business. Keeping it well requires a number of precautions, including the use of software. However, it is not always easy to access them. Some prerequisites are essential to get there. Find here some tips for accessing the accounting software.

Understand the software settings

The risk of errors is high when you are unfamiliar with the functionality of the software. It is the prior configuration of the software that determines its effectiveness. These parameters may concern:

  • information on all data relating to the company
  • the definition of the chart of accounts applicable to the company
  • scheduling systematic backups according to a schedule.

To these, we must add the personalization of certain labels, the creation and personalization of third-party accounts.

Comprehend the software entry process

When you have mastered the configuration of the software, you must then master the process of entering accounting documents. This step is important because the data entered represents important documents for financial statements. This process is broken down into three main stages.

Importing and exporting data

A few checks are important first. In particular, the possibility of integrating data into the accounting software from another management source.

The creation of input guides

It is not possible to automate the entire data entry process. Other movements will have to be managed manually. This job can be difficult. Hence, the creation of a personalized input guide. Needless to say, this will also save you time.

The implementation of automatic lettering

Automatic amount lettering allows you to associate by analysis, a code and a lettering date with the amounts due. An invoice can be lettered with payment of the same amount that does not necessarily correspond to it. Executing lettering normally takes a long time. May, by using accounting software, the opposite effect is observed. This operation will go very quickly.

Control the contours of the closing of the financial year

The role of accounting software is to manage the openings and closings of accounting years. It also allows data to be archived. There is also the possibility of working on the following financial year without the final closure of the current financial year.

This practice helps establish a continuous time between the end of one exercise and the start of another. There is software that allows the blocking of the current fiscal year in order to prohibit the entry of new records in the accounts.

Make backups: a necessity!

When you use accounting software well, it imposes backups on you. However, it would be utopian to rely only on these backups. Files should be tested during backup restores.

You should therefore perform at least one full backup per year. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to keep the backups on at least two different media.

Accessing accounting software is a school in its own right. This requires mastering several parameters, each no less important than the other. We must not obscure the need to make backups. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call a specialist to help you.